Essex Industries is Supplier for F-35 JSF Program

F35_JSF_Stick&ThrottleEssex is pleased to announce their selection as a supplier for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter produced by Lockheed Martin.

The F-35 is a 5th Generation fighter, combining aircraft characteristics of advanced stealth, integrated avionics, sensor fusion and superior logistics support with the most powerful and comprehensive integrated sensor package of any fighter aircraft in history.  Variants of the F-35 will replace the A-10 and F-16 for the U.S. Air Force, the F/A-18 for the U.S. Navy, the F/A-18 and AV-8B Harrier for the U.S. Marine Corps, as well as a variety of fighters for ten other countries.

Essex received a contract for the design, development and manufacture of both the sidestick and throttle grip.  They are also supplying scavenge valves, which support optimum engine performance.

According to Robert Geisz, Vice President of Sales and Business Development, “Our selection as supplier for the F-35 program continues the dominance Essex has on major platforms in the fixed-wing market.”