Emergency Breathing

Essex manufactures a range of emergency breathing equipment, referred to as smoke hoods, which aid individuals in a variety of emergency, rescue and escape situations from fire, smoke, and toxic chemicals.

Essex emergency breathing devices are self-contained respirators.  Self-contained respirators provide breathable air or oxygen to the user while removing the exhaled carbon dioxide.

Applications include commercial airlines, corporate jets, U.S. government agencies, military, law enforcement, homeland defense, first responders, high-rise building occupants and industrial companies both domestic and international.

Emergency Passenger Oxygen System (EPOS)

The Essex EPOS (Emergency Passenger Oxygen System) is a self-contained protective breathing device intended for trained individuals in military aircraft emergencies such as decompression, fire, evacuation, rescue, smoke-filled cabins, toxic fumes or hazardous cargo spills.  This smoke hood is used by the USAF and other air forces around the world.


Protective Breathing Equipment (PBE)

The Essex PBE (Protective Breathing Equipment) is a portable, self-contained, personal smoke hood designed to safeguard flight attendants and cabin crewmembers from the effects of smoke, carbon dioxide, harmful gases and oxygen deficiency while managing in-flight fire, smoke or fume emergencies.  This lightweight smoke hood is used by 90% of the commercial airline Industry in the United States, as well as many major international airlines.


Self-Contained Unit (SCU)

The Essex SCU (Self-Contained Unit) is a lightweight, portable, protective breathing device.  Designed to safeguard a passenger or crewmember, the SCU provides protection from the effects of decompression, smoke, carbon dioxide, harmful gases or oxygen deficiency during an in-flight emergency on private or corporate aircraft.


Victim Rescue Unit Plus (VRU+)

The Essex VRU+ (Victim Rescue Unit Plus) is a protective breathing system that provides both visual and respiratory protection during emergency egress or escape.  Designed for home, security, law enforcement, first response teams, high-rise building occupants and homeland defense, this lightweight, portable smoke hood protects a victim’s respiratory system, head and vision from smoke, toxic fumes, hazardous chemical spills, and Sarin and Mustard gases.