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The Self-Contained Unit (SCU) is a lightweight, self-contained protective breathing device, or smoke hood.  The SCU smoke hood is designed to safeguard a passenger or crewmember from the effects of decompression, smoke, carbon dioxide, harmful gases or oxygen deficiency during an in-flight emergency on private or corporate aircraft.

The Self-Contained Unit, with its patented hood, takes less than 15 seconds to don and provides 360° visibility while supplying aviation grade oxygen.  This smoke hood protects a user’s head and vision from fire and smoke for up to 60 minutes.

Its one-size-fits-all design simply slips over the head.  There is no mouthpiece or nose clip to impede communication and the smoke hood allows for corrective or protective eyewear with no restrictions.  With the SCU smoke hood, the wearer is able to see, hear, talk and move freely.

Unlike a filter mask that must clean outside air to make it fit to breathe, the SCU smoke hood provides a self-contained oxygen supply.  A small felt-covered oxygen cylinder delivers breathable oxygen and is in place directly under the neck seal to assure comfort.

At only 2 lbs., the Self-Contained Unit is the lightest smoke hood available.  The SCU will last up to 60 minutes for an average male, sitting, waiting for rescue.

The SCU smoke hood comes in a flat, flame-retardant soft-side pouch that virtually eliminates the possibility of someone tripping on it, once discarded.  The SCU has a small footprint, with a thin profile (7.5” x 9.5” x 2”) that allows for small cache/storage units.

The SCU smoke hood has a maintenance-free 10-1/2 year life span.

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