Essex Industries Expanded Wall Outlet Line

Essex Industries has expanded its family of Oxygen Equipment with a new line of Wall Outlets which include Oxygen Gas, Medical Air, and a Vacuum Outlet.

The company utilized feedback from Operators worldwide to design a more rugged, user-friendly, and customizable product, with several fitting options available. EMS Operators can now select the correct outlet fitting at the time of order, eliminating the need for fitting adapters. Also, with Essex’ Integrated Flow Control technology, there’s no need for separate flowmeter devices.

The Oxygen Gas Wall Outlet provides safe delivery of supplemental oxygen and accurate prescribed flow rates to patients in multiple healthcare settings, such as hospitals, ground ambulances, rotor, and fixed-wing air ambulances.  Essex Oxygen Gas Wall Outlets work with both High-Pressure Oxygen and Liquid Oxygen (LOX). LOX is a highly efficient method of oxygen storage and delivery, becoming more common in air ambulances. The larger quantities of oxygen eliminate the need to refill between flights allowing EMS operators to maintain mission tempo and reduce downtime between missions. They carry more oxygen, fly longer, and accept more missions.