Essex Industries set to participate in ACPC 2023

Essex Industries is excited to announce their participation in the 2023 Air Carriers Purchasing Conference, which will take place August 19-22, in New York City, NY.

ACPC is renowned as the most productive aviation conference globally, providing unparalleled networking opportunities over four action-packed days. The Conference and the Aviation Networking Forum, a dynamic one-day trade show, consistently sell out each year.

At the ANF event, Essex will showcase the industry leading Essex Crewmember PBE, a self-contained, portable, protective breathing device. Additionally, Essex will educate attendees on the device’s proven safety features and showcase a range of mounting bracket options available for airlines.

Designed to safeguard aircraft crewmembers from the effects of smoke, carbon dioxide, harmful gases and oxygen deficiency, it provides protection as they manage in-flight fire, smoke or fume emergencies and assist the evacuation of passengers. The Essex PBE holds FAA TSO-C116, TSO-C99 approvals as well as CAA, EASA, CAAC and ANAC approvals. It is available on GSA Advantage under contract number GS-07F-0483N.

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