Essex Receives Contract from Emirates Airline for PBE

Protective Breathing Equipment - PBE

Essex Industries is pleased to announce a contract from Emirates Airlines to outfit their fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircraft with the Essex PBE, Protective Breathing Equipment. This multimillion dollar contract was obtained through the Essex distributor, Safari Aviation Services of the United Arab Emirates.

With over 3,400 Emirates flights departing from Dubai International Airport each week, Emirates is the world’s largest international airline, operating an all wide-bodied fleet of 234 aircraft with a further 278 on order.  A leader in the aviation industry, Emirates is the most valuable airline brand worldwide, according to The Brand Finance Global 500 report for 2014. By selecting the Essex PBE, Emirates has demonstrated their confidence in the safety of this product.

The PBE is designed to provide crewmembers with ocular, head and respiratory protection during emergency conditions in an aircraft cabin. A minimum of 15 minutes of protection is provided to the wearer, as aviator’s grade oxygen is released into the unit. Its unique design provides 270° of visibility and eliminates the need for an oral/nasal mask so that crewmembers can communicate while wearing the unit. The PBE holds FAA TSO-C116 and TSO-C99 approvals as well as CAA, EASA, CAAC and ANAC approvals. Recognized for their safe design, Essex PBE units are installed in the majority of U.S. airlines and a number of carriers throughout the world.