Essex Set to Showcase Custom Aircraft Components & Platform Controls at Paris Air Show

Essex Industries, a leading Aerospace & Defense Manufacturer, is proud to announce its participation in the 54th International Paris Air Show, exhibiting June 19-22, 2023. Essex will display its product design and manufacturing capabilities through a diverse range of platform controls, assemblies, and complex aircraft components in the US Pavilion, booth 3-D158, inside the newly constructed Hall 3 at La Bourget.

Essex manufactures thousands of unique mechanical and electro-mechanical aircraft components and assemblies for fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft, including those used in fuel, hydraulic, pneumatic, and oxygen systems. Also, experience in designing human-machine interfaces (HMI), manufacturing platform controls, and control panels. Essex Liquid Oxygen Systems have played a large role in aerospace since 1963. Essex provides new LOX systems for military and commercial applications, ranging from a 5 Liter Converter to a 500 Gallon LOX Cart, and provides MRO for existing systems. The company is also a leading manufacturer of Emergency Breathing Equipment. Essex has contributed to every major aerospace program since 1947.

Essex has the right talent, the necessary tools, rapid prototyping capabilities, and in-house design testing. With a rigorous Stage Gate controlled development process, excellent communication with customers, and cross-functional teams, Essex ensures high-quality results and reduces sustainment issues throughout the program’s life. “Whether the Essex team is designing and qualifying our own products to meet customer specifications or collaborating with our customers to bring their product designs to life…” said Evan Waldman, CEO of Essex Industries.