New 500 Gallon LOX Trailer

500-gallon-lox-trailerThe new Essex 500 Gallon LOX Trailer is a mobile liquid oxygen storage tank assembly.  Designed for the transport and storage of LOX at airbases and military installations, the 500 Gallon LOX Trailer provides a logistics solution for flight line LOX requirements.

The 500 Gallon LOX Trailer can be used with all Essex LOX converters, BMOS, BMOS-FS, MMOS, NPTLOX, PTLOX and 50 Gallon LOX Carts.  A 500 Gallon LIN Trailer for the transport and storage of liquid nitrogen is also available.

Both 500 Gallon Trailers are qualified to Air Force PD13WRGRVEA05 and environmentally tested to MIL-STD-810.