The 50 Gallon LOX cart is a mobile liquid oxygen storage tank assembly with a maximum operating pressure of 65 psig.  A retractable front wheel allows for towing and increased mobility in the field.  The cart also features a manual parking brake, lift/tie down rings and an insulated transfer hose, which will work with any portable LOX device having a standard CRU-50 fill connection, including all Essex LOX Converters, BMOS, BMOS-FS, MMOS, NPTLOX and PTLOX.  The 50 Gallon LOX Cart meets and/or exceeds functional and environmental requirements of MIL-PRF-38170.  It is tested to MIL-STD-810 and conforms to mobility requirements of SAE-A58090 (MIL-M-8090, Type II, Group A equipment).

The 50 Gallon LOX Cart can be used with all Essex LOX Converters, BMOS, BMOS Filling Station, MMOS, NPTLOX and PTLOX.

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