Hydraulic Pulsation Dampeners (or attenuators) are designed to reduce fluid pressure pulsations generated by aircraft hydraulic pumps. These pulsations can lead to system damage through check valve failure, tubing or hose rupture, loosened connections and cracked manifolds.  In addition to the potential for system failure, hydraulic pressure pulsations can dramatically increase noise levels within the aircraft cabin.  Unlike nitrogen-charged “muffler” devices, Essex hydraulic pulsation dampeners contain no moving parts and require no servicing. Constructed of high-strength 15-5PH hardened steel, these units are subjected to non-destructive tests prior to shipment.



Flame Arrestors are designed to allow for the venting of fuel vapors while preventing external flames or other ignition sources from entering the fuel lines and supply. Essex flame arrestors are installed in all Boeing commercial aircraft, as well as a number of regional aircraft.




The Avionics Cooling Blower is a high-capacity, high velocity, coaxial fan designed to pull cool air into and through an avionics bay to prevent the electronics from over-heating.  This unit is currently installed on the OH-58 helicopter.