The C-17 Control Stick Grip, part of the fly-by-wire system, is the main pilot/aircraft interface for flight, avionic and defensive systems. Manufactured of precision cast aluminum, this grip is resistant to environmental conditions per MIL-STD-810. The stick grip provides a variety of single and multi-function switch assemblies for aircraft trim control, communications, display management and nosewheel steering.  A mirror image of the stick for the copilot is also available.


The Portable Therapeutic Liquid Oxygen System (PTLOX) is a low pressure portable 10.0 liter liquid oxygen storage and gaseous delivery system, capable of supplying up to 8600 gaseous liters of oxygen at a maximum flow rate of 45 liters per minute at 50 psig.  The unit features three quick disconnect outlet ports and comes with an accessory kit containing three 20 foot medical grade hoses, three flow control valves and three humidifier bottles.  The three flow control valves can deliver oxygen to three patients at flow rates from .5 to 15 liters per minute.  The quick disconnect outlet ports can also supply 50 psi of oxygen to other medical devices.  The PTLOX has been successfully tested to work in tandem with commonly used ventilators.  Weighing less than 100 pounds when full, the PTLOX can be carried by two ground support personnel or mounted in an aircraft.  The PTLOX requires no external power and uses just two 9-Volt batteries for the quantity indicator.  The system has been tested to MIL-STD-810.

ECAT Contract Number SPE2D1-16-D-0007.