Protective Breathing Equipment


The Essex PBE (Protective Breathing Equipment) is a portable, self-contained, personal smoke hood designed to safeguard flight attendants and cabin crewmembers from the effects of smoke, carbon dioxide, harmful gases and oxygen deficiency while managing in-flight fire, smoke or fume emergencies.

The PBE uses compressed aviator grade oxygen as its source of supply to crewmembers.  The PBE smoke hood dons in only 15 seconds, with a unique design that eliminates the need for an oral/nasal mask.  The amber-tinted hood provides 270° of visibility and the elastic neck seal requires no adjustment.  The PBE provides 15 minutes of oxygen and one size fits most adults.

The Essex PBE (Protective Breathing Equipment) is a proven design that has been in service worldwide in commercial aviation fleets since 1989.  This lightweight smoke hood is used by 90% of the commercial airline Industry in the United States, as well as many major international airlines.


System Design

The oxygen system in the Essex PBE (Protective Breathing Equipment) consists of two oxygen cylinder assemblies mounted to the bottom side of the neck seal.  Special fabric and chemical panels inside the hood keep carbon dioxide concentrations at safe levels during the hood’s service period as the wearer exhales into the hood.

The Essex PBE features a battery-powered green and red light service/end-of-service Indicator.  Mounted slightly below eye level on the left inner side of the hood, this light functions as a secondary indicator for monitoring oxygen activation, reassuring the wearer that the equipment is functioning.

The PBE smoke hood is folded and vacuum-sealed in a moisture resistant barrier pouch equipped with a replace by date label and an internal humidity indicator.

Essex Protective Breathing Equipment (PBE) requires very little stowage space and has the lightest stowage and end use weight.  Several different stowage options are available.


The Essex PBE has the following approvals:

  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Approved to: TSO-C116, Crewmember Protective Breathing Equipment and TSO-C99, Crewmember Protective Breathing Equipment
  • Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Approved (United Kingdom)
  • Civil Aviation Authority of China (CAAC) Approved
  • Brazilian Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC) Approved
  • European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Approved to: ETSO-C116, Crewmember Protective Breathing Equipment and ETSO-C99, Crewmember Protective Breathing Equipment


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To watch a 15 second donning demonstration, click here.

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The Purge Kit removes moisture from cryogenic vessels, system lines, valves and their components when coupled with an adequate supply of pure gaseous nitrogen, oxygen or air.  The kit includes a heater assembly, power cord, 4′ flexible hose, 1′ flexible hose and filler valve adapter.  The Purge Kit may be used on any Essex LOX systems if/when they require purging.


ECAT Contract Number SPE2D1-16-D-0007.

If you require a Specification Sheet for our equipment, please select “Request More Info” with the product name and part number.