VRU Plus Smoke Hood


The VRU+ (Victim Rescue Unit Plus) is a lightweight, self-contained protective breathing device, or smoke hood, for use in emergency egress and escape situations.   The unit takes just seconds to don and provides 360° visibility while supplying aviation grade oxygen to the wearer for up to 60 minutes. The VRU+ smoke hood protects a user’s head and vision from fire and smoke.  The VRU+ also provides protection to a user’s respiratory system from toxic gases, nerve agents like Sarin and choking agents like Mustard gas.

System Application

The performance and versatility of the VRU+ has made it the protective smoke hood of choice for U.S. government agencies, military, law enforcement, homeland defense, first responders, high-rise building occupants and industrial companies both domestically and overseas.

First responders can also use the VRU+ as an oxygen supply on a conscious or an unconscious individual in a hazardous environment.  By placing the VRU+ on a victim, they can provide a lightweight, breathable air source to assist their escape.

The VRU+ dons quickly in 15 seconds or less.  Its one-size-fits-all design simply slips over the head.  There is no mouthpiece or nose clip to impede communication and the smoke hood allows for corrective or protective eyewear with no restrictions.

The VRU+ smoke hood features a self-contained oxygen supply that completely protects the user in an oxygen-deficient environment.  This differs from a filter mask that must clean poisonous outside air to make it fit to breathe.

At only 2 lbs., the VRU+ is the lightest and most comfortable smoke hood available.  The VRU+ will last up to 60 minutes for an average male, sitting, waiting for rescue.

The VRU+ smoke hood has a maintenance-free 10-1/2 year life span.

Click here to watch a VRU+ Smokehood Inspection and Donning video.

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