Product Info

The Anti-Gravity Valve (Anti-G Valve) is a durable, pneumatic pressure-regulating valve that automatically reacts to positive G-forces acting on the aircraft and crew members. During heavy G-inducing maneuvers, such as a high-speed tight turn or rapid climb, the aircrew blood supply will leave the head and upper extremities. Prolonged exposure to this condition will eventually result in G-induced loss of consciousness, or G-LOC. The Anti-G Valve senses these G-forces and allows ECS-conditioned air to pressurize the pilot’s anti-G suit abdominal and leg bladders to restrict blood from pooling in the lower extremities. When the G-force is relieved, the valve automatically opens, allowing suit pressure to vent back to ambient. Essex Anti-G Valves are QPL-approved to MIL-V-9370, MIL-V-87223 and MIL-V-87255, and can be found in most high-performance US military aircraft as well as trainers, light attack aircraft and combat fighters throughout the world.