The Ambidextrous Cursor Grip is designed for applications where there is not sufficient room for both right and left slew grips.  This single control is suitable for use by the right or left hand and mounts on the console between the seats for use by both pilot and co-pilot.


The 500 Gallon LOX Trailer is a mobile liquid oxygen storage tank assembly.  Designed for the transport and storage of LOX at airbases and military installations, the 500 Gallon LOX Trailer provides a logistics solution for flight line LOX requirements.

The 500 Gallon LOX Trailer can be used with all Essex LOX Converters, BMOS, BMOS-FS, MMOS, NPTLOX, PTLOX and 50 Gallon LOX Carts.

A 500 Gallon LIN Trailer for the transport and storage of liquid nitrogen is also available.

Both 500 Gallon Trailers are qualified to Air Force PD13WRGRVEA05 and tested to MIL-STD-810.

Click here to watch a 500 Gallon LOX Trailer video.


The 10 Liter LOX Ready to Install (RTI) system supplies oxygen to medevac patients.  It provides a safe, compact and lightweight means of storing gaseous oxygen.  The RTI consists of a 10 liter LOX converter with a heat exchanger and regulator mounted inside a sheet metal enclosure.  This configuration allows installation of the equipment on the aircraft without the expense of a costly retrofit.

The 10 Liter LOX Converter within the RTI supplies up to 8,600 gaseous liters of oxygen at 70 psig.  It is designed to MIL-DTL-19803 and tested to MIL-STD-810.  The 10 Liter LOX RTI weighs approximately 50 pounds empty and 75 pounds when full.   The enclosure mounts with four aircraft seat track fittings.


The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Throttle Grip is machined from a high-strength aluminum alloy casting.  It contains a transducer, optical encoder and several single and multi-function switches. In addition to engine power control, these features allow for display cursor control, menu scroll/select, speed brakes, countermeasures, communications and weapons system functions. Along with the stick grip, Essex conducted a comprehensive qualification program for the F-35, including full environmentals, vibration, shock and EMI testing.


The C-130J Control Wheel is the main pilot/aircraft interface for flight control, avionics and defensive systems. The control wheel contains a force transducer as well as several single and multi-function switches for display cursor control, communications, pitch trim, auto-pilot disconnect, countermeasures, HUD declutter and auxiliary functions.  Our unique design allows removal and replacement of the control wheel in just minutes.


Hydraulic Pulsation Dampeners (or attenuators) are designed to reduce fluid pressure pulsations generated by aircraft hydraulic pumps. These pulsations can lead to system damage through check valve failure, tubing or hose rupture, loosened connections and cracked manifolds.  In addition to the potential for system failure, hydraulic pressure pulsations can dramatically increase noise levels within the aircraft cabin.  Unlike nitrogen-charged “muffler” devices, Essex hydraulic pulsation dampeners contain no moving parts and require no servicing. Constructed of high-strength 15-5PH hardened steel, these units are subjected to non-destructive tests prior to shipment.



Flame Arrestors are designed to allow for the venting of fuel vapors while preventing external flames or other ignition sources from entering the fuel lines and supply. Essex flame arrestors are installed in all Boeing commercial aircraft, as well as a number of regional aircraft.





The Backpack Medical Oxygen System (BMOS) is a low pressure, portable 2.0 liter liquid oxygen storage and gaseous delivery system, capable of supplying up to 1720 gaseous liters of oxygen at a maximum flow rate of 15 liters per minute at 50 psig.  A built-in flow control valve delivers oxygen to a single patient at flow rates from 0.5 to 15 liters per minute.  A secondary accessory port can supply 50 psi of oxygen to other medical devices or to an oxygen regulator for a second patient.  The BMOS has been successfully tested to work in tandem with commonly used ventilators.  Weighing just 19 pounds when full, the BMOS can be carried or worn by parachutists and ground support personnel.  The BMOS requires no external power and uses just six AA-batteries for the quantity indicator.  The system has been tested to MIL-STD-810.

ECAT Contract Number SPE2D1-16-D-0007.

Click here to watch the BMOS and MMOS Instructional Video on Inspection, Filling, Draining and Purging.