Celebrating 75 Years!

Essex Industries manufactures liquid oxygen systems, both air, and ground, which aid our US Militaries in maintaining readiness. Essex also manufactures human-machine interface controls, panels, and emergency breathing equipment found throughout the aircraft. Essex listens to the unique needs of our military and develops safe, reliable, and efficient products to get the job done.

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Essex sends gratitude to all military members.  Thank you for your service and sacrifices.

Ground Support and Flight Line Liquid Oxygen Solutions

  • 500 Gallon LOX & LIN Carts, 50 Gallon LOX Cart – Mobile LOX Storage Tank Assemblies
  • BMOS Filling Station
  • LOX Valves and Accessories

Medical LOX Portable Storage and Gaseous Delivery Solutions

  • NPTLOX – 20 Liter, Next Gen Portable Therapeutic LOX System
  • MMOS – 4 Liter, Mounted Medical Oxygen System
  • BMOS – 2 Liter, Backpack Medical Oxygen System

Passenger and Crew Life Support Systems

  • PBE – Portable Breathing Equipment, found in tankers
  • EPOS – Emergency Passenger Oxygen System, found in passenger carriers
  • LOX Converters – Range from 5 Liters through 75 Liters, used in many DoD aircraft
  • MA-1 Low Pressure Cylinder, 500 PSIG or less used as oxygen reserve tanks, walk-around bottles, plenum tanks or in a variety of other applications

Products and Services Delivered

  • Part Number/NSN List – send a request to Essex for a current list
  • MRO – In addition to supplying new requirements, we offer maintenance, repair and overhaul services for customers’ LOX equipment, with our same high standards for quality
  • Build-to-Print – With drawings and specifications supplied by the customer, Essex efficiently manages the build using support services that include engineers, program managers, procurement and technical staff to ensure quality results that meet customer requirements

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