Product Info

The Ergonomic Collective Grip has a unique shape that provides the optimum hand position for long-range comfort, reducing fatigue during flight.  The patent-pending design incorporates additional switches to eliminate hand repositioning or dual seat inputs.

The new Ergonomic Collective Grip enables pilots to fly the aircraft while maintaining control of all electronic switch functions.

Essex developed the Ergonomic Collective Grip for the UH-60 Black Hawk with eight different switches, including a Cursor Slew Switch and HUD Switch, which are not typically available on a collective grip.

The Ergonomic Collective Grip can be modified to fit any rotary platform and is particularly suited to those applications that require a wide range of functionality.  Switches can be changed, as needed, to include uses such as weapon or sensor control.

We are proud to provide some of the most complex man-machine interface controls for the advanced military air and ground vehicles.